About the Regional P-12 Summit on Virtual Education
As part of the New England and New York Comprehensive Centers' Virtual Education Initiative, this Summit is being presented to assist education leaders in:
  1. Understanding the landscape of P-12 virtual education in the Northeast
  2. Utilizing key, current national research on P-12 virtual education policy and practice
  3. Identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for cross-state and in-state collaboration
  4. Developing coordinated leveraged actions to support statewide P-12 virtual education policy and programs for all students

About the Regional P-12 Virtual Education Initiative
This initiative unites the two northeast regional comprehensive centers in an effort to provide technical assistance and capacity-building for state education leaders in the area of virtual education. As education leaders in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and New York have begun to explore and implement policy and programs related to virtual education, the new England and New York Comprehensive Centers found themselves uniquely positioned to provide more robust services and opportunities on a regional basis. Starting in 2010, the Centers joined forces in a deep needs-sensing exercise across all seven states, identified common areas of need, and developed an action plan to support those areas. States across the region showed strong interest in innovative policies dealing with topics such as competency-based pathways, college and career readiness, teacher preparation and diverse learners. The Centers have been providing monthly webinars led by experts in these areas to provide state education leaders with information to help them form policy. The Centers subsequently created the Summit to bring together education leaders across the region to collaborate and share best practices for planning and implementing virtual education programs and policies in their states.