Pockets of Success Roundtable #4: NH Notes

It's critical to incorporate training to teach online into pre-service teaching programs.

It's important to have deep interviews for potential online teachers to determine if they have the proper mindset to teach online.

It can help to provide teachers with training (online) prior to interview/hiring and use their performance/evaluation as hiring criteria.

Transparency over accountability.

As we start to create a new learning environment, how do we take the lessons we learned re including SPED kids (and laws) and incorporate those things online? How do we really meet these IEPs.

59% of VLACS kids have at least one risk factor (some have IEPs). Local high schools still manage IEPs. Often online teachers have more contact with students and can better determine learning disabilities and make accommodations. How do you formalize this online? We just want to ensure that laws made to protect SPED students f-2-f carry over online and we don't have to rewrite the laws and supports.

Talked some about the nature of blended-learning, e.g. do online courses support brick and mortar courses, do they totally merge?

It would be nice to return to community-based schools, especially in smaller rural areas. There is something about the community that helps. Perhaps we have community learning centers that can include different grade levels (even adults).