NECC/NYCC Regional P12 Virtual Education Summit

Omni Parker House, Boston MA

April 26 - 27, 2011

Registration (just outside Kennedy room)

Welcome and Introductions: Carol Keirstead, NECC; Larry Hirsch, NYCC (Kennedy)

Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology: Karen Cator, Director, Office of Educational Technology, U.S. Department of Education (Kennedy)
Setting the national stage for P12 virtual education


Pockets of Success Panel (Kennedy)
Highlighting successes, challenges and strategies from each state - sponsored by the Center on Instruction (COI)
  • CT: Jonathan Costa, Director of School and Program Services, EDUCATION CONNECTION (blended learning)
  • MA: Tim Callahan, Project Lead, North Adams Public Schools Online Learning & At Risk Youth (grant funded initiatives)
  • ME: Jeff Mao, Learning Technology Policy Director, Maine Department of Education (infrastructure/access)
  • NH: Steve Kossakoski, CEO, Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (launching a virtual charter school)
  • NY: Chris Weinman, Career & Technical Education Executive Director, Greater Southern Tier BOCES (leadership)
  • VT: Jeff Renard, Program Coordinator, Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative (starting a state-sponsored virtual school)

Pockets of Success Roundtables (Kennedy)
Individual state Q&A time with Panelists
  1. CT: Jonathan Costa
  2. MA: Tim Callahan
  3. ME: Jeff Mao
  4. NH: Steve Kossakoski
  5. NY: Chris Weinman
  6. VT: Jeff Renard

Roundtable Report Out by State (Kennedy)
Key takeaways, remaining questions, topics to explore further

Breakout Session #1 (Kennedy & Longfellow)
Deeper exploration of two virtual education issues/topics
  1. Innovative Policies, Deputy Commissioner Paul Leather, NH Department of Education
  2. College and Career Readiness, Stan Silverman, New York Institute of Technology

Reception (King)

Dinner (King)

Wrap-Up and Day Two Preview (King)

Breakfast (Kennedy)

Welcome and Introductions: Carol Keirstead, NECC and Larry Hirsch, NYCC (Kennedy)

Ten Lessons Learned from Ten Years of Research on Online Teaching and Learning: Susan Lowes, Director of Research and Evaluation at the Institute for Learning Technologies at Teachers College, Columbia University (Kennedy)
Ten key findings from the growing body of research and evaluation of online schools and online learning, drawing out the lessons they provide for administrators, teachers, students and parents.


Breakout Session #2 (Kennedy & Longfellow)
Deeper exploration of two virtual education issues/topics
  1. Teacher Preparation, Barbara Treacy, Director, EdTech Leaders Online and Stan Freeda, Project Coordinator, NH e-Learning for Educators
  2. Diverse Learners, Dr. Judith Zorfass, National Center for Technology Innovation

A National Perspective of Online Learning: New Trends and Initiatives: Susan Patrick, President and CEO of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) (Kennedy)
Setting ambitious yet realistic goals and planning for action

Lunch (Kennedy)

State Action Planning (Kennedy, Longfellow & Brandeis)
Creating action plans with consultation from Summit Presenters and facilitation by NECC/NYCC

Wrap-Up and Evaluation (Kennedy)
Next steps: Keeping the momentum

The NECC/NYCC does not endorse products or programs represented at the Regional P12 Virtual Education Summit